Naka Meguro Guide

Naka Meguro Guide
December 22, 2022 Luke Bridgford

Naka Meguro Guide

Before & After Your Adventure, Let Us Show You Our Neighbourhood.

A popular destination in itself, Naka Meguro is best known for the Meguro River that runs through it, transforming into a stunning photogenic landscape of cherry blossoms in spring.

Naka Meguro shines with an identity of street cool and subtle elegance.  A maze of urban Tokyo lifestyle offering top class restaurants, trendy bars, cafes, art galleries, handcrafted boutiques, vintage shops & a stunning Starbucks Reserve Roastery.

Centrally located in east Tokyo, a short train trip from Shibuya and easy walking distance to the upmarket Daikanyama & Ebisu districts. We encourage you to spend some time walking in the hood.

So, as any proud local would, let us show you the Neighborhood. Here is some of our personal favorites for you to visit before and after your camping car adventure.

pink cherry blossums over river at night

Naka Meguro, Meguro River Cherry Blossums

Before You Go Coffee, Breakfast & Konbini Run

Coffee Pit Stops
There are literally dozens of coffee shops from small to the large franchise, but very few are open from 7am or 8am, so here’s our picks for the early pick-up start.

Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo (google maps) | Instagram
A 10+ minute walk from the station nestled along the river, you will find the world’s largest Starbucks.  Very impressive interior, it’s more like a coffee factory theme park.  A huge space with 4 floors offering everything from expensive trinkets, precision coffee, teas and fresh baked pastries. Open from 7am

Segafredo (google maps)
Located literally just to the right when you exit the train station, Segafredo is a long lived institution bringing true Italian espresso to Japan.  A cheap salaryman go to for it’s 80’s decor, they do have a solid macchiato for just 330yen. Open from 7am

Good Sound Coffee (google maps)
Closest coffee to the Overland meeting spot and across from a 7-Eleven convenience store.  The coffee shop has a fresh new feel and popular with digital nomads.  It’s a decent coffee. Open from 8am

THE CITY BAKERY Nakameguro (google maps)
Located outside the rear exit of the station, offering a huge variety of oven fresh pastries, good coffee and a western breakfast option. They also have coffee, so grab takeaway for your trip, or sit down to watch Tokyo’s workforce walking by.  Open from 7:30am

Onigily Cafe (google maps)
A simple, modern healthy Japanese breakfast of handmade rice balls with a variety of meat or vegetables options and Miso soup.  The breakfast set for 500yen is a great deal.  Quick take away might be best. Open from 8:00am

Tractor Morning (google maps) | Instagram
Arguably the best “Aussie style” western breakfast in all of Tokyo – it’s delicious.  Very modest looking shop where you will be wondering if you are in the right place.  However, the owner/chef is straight from an episode of Seinfeld.  You wont find Japanese hospitality here and beware if you don’t follow his process.  If it feels like you are being messed around, give up on it.  Open from 8am (NOTE you probably wont make a 8:30am check in)

There is ofcourse the local 7-Eleven konbibi across from Good Sound Coffee or Family Mart konbini near Tractor Morning for all things quick and easy.

coffee shop at night with lights on

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

advacado eggs on toast with fork

Tractor Morning


From cheap and cheerful, mingle in local institutions, to possibly the best sushi of your life
There are restaurants literally dotted all over there the area and you almost can’t go wrong..  But here is some of our favorites.


Tatemichiya (google maps)
A Japanese punk-rock Izakaya with a fun atmosphere, plenty of drinks and excellent food. Often frequented by low key celebrities, fashion and music industry types. Reasonably priced. Bookings recommended.  Open from 6pm

Udatsu Sushi (google maps)
Hidden an urban alleyway, behind a secluded wooden door you will find one of Tokyo’s best modern sushi experiences.  Perfect for anniversaries or special occasions.  A celebrity favorite, dress to impress and bring your cheque book as it’s not cheap.  Book in advance. Open Lunch 12pm-3pm & Dinner from 6pm.

Iroha Sushi (google maps)
Very good casual sushi in a humble social setting.  A popular spot for local regulars & tourists.  Surprisingly reasonably prices for the quality and the drinks flow. Dinner from 6pm.

Kushiwakamaru (google maps)
A very popular casual yakitori spot.  The seating is a little cozy for tall people and be prepared for some sake inspired questions from other customers.  You might need to write your name on a waiting list, but it usually doesn’t take long.  Open from 5pm

Shabu-Shabu “Let Us” (google maps)
A modern and lively cook it yourself all you can eat Japanese hot pot restaurant.  Various grades of meat options, all organic and locally sourced vegetables.  Very tasty, perfect for hungry cold bones. Highly recommended if you have not tried Shabu-Shabu before.  Open from 5pm

Paimen (google maps)
A busy working class Ramen institution.  It’s probably very bad for you.. but it tastes so good, especially on colder days.  You can get a second round of the noodles for just 100yen by asking for kaedama.

Afuri (google maps)
Elegant, upmarket Ramen famous for it’s summery and light Yuzu chicken soup broth.  Modern automated system where you buy your meal ticket from a machine upon entry.

Curry Akamaru (google maps)
One for the Otaku at heart, a very tasty hole in the wall homemade Japanese curry.  Huge portions and plenty of manga type knick-knacks around the shop to complete the experience.  Don’t make too much eye contact as you might scare them. Open from 6pm

Western Favorites

By far our favorite Italian in the area.  Italian owned and operated, this homestyle slice of Italy offers delicious handmade pizza, pastas, meat & cheese boards with drinks to match.  A great spot to mix it up with some local Tokyo ex-pats. Open from 6pm

Other very notable pizza places are the beatles inspired Seirinkan and traditional Pizzeria Da ISA, both of which have won numerous global excellence for food awards.  Both open from 6pm

For Mexican there is homemade taco’s & tequila fun to be had at Taco Fanatico, for Spanish you can try the very social Caldo or more traditional Catalonian Bar Portillo de sal y amor.  Both open from 6pm

For Thai, there is the very tasty Krung Siam and for a casual Indian inspired curry, Cafe Red Book is very good is the trendy select Gin music bar Forrester who make a great curry, momo & felafel too.  All open from 5:30pm

Finally, for Dessert, you can’t beat Premarché Gelateria (google maps)
All natural handmade Gelato delights with vegan options.  A large selection of flavors both traditional and uniquely Japanese.  They close at 8pm, so be quick!


man with white headband standing in japanese izakaya

Tatemichiya Punk Rock Izakaya

Italian Food Plate

Clandestino Italian

Sushi Restaurant Counter Interior

Udatsu Sushi

2 cups of gelato

Premarche Gelateria

Unique Experiences

Leather Goods Workshop
R atelier & Co. (google maps) | Website | Instagram
Try your hand at making bespoke leather sandals, shoes, flip-flops or butchers apron.  Using all Japanese leathers, learn hands on craftsmanship skills with the passionate owner. These workshops have become very popular.  Best thing is, you keep what you made for life! A workshop usually last all day, 10am-5pm.

smiling asian man with beard in workshop

Leather Craftsman Sensei

Leather sandal shoes

Custom Leather Shoe Making Experience

How to Get Here:

Nakameguro Station is on the Tokyu-Toyoko Line and Tokyo Metro’s Hibiya Line. 

From Haneda Airport: Around 50 minutes by train
From Narita Airport: Around one hour, 55 minutes by train
From Narita Airport: Around one hour, 55 minutes by bus and taxi

Simply use Google Maps with Naka Meguro Station as your destination to plan your route by train, but also there is also the Airport Limousine Bus service. Where either from Narita and Haneda Airports you can take the
Airport Limousine Bus bound for to the Shibuya Cerulean Hotel at then which you can take a short taxi to Naka Meguro.


There are no major large hotels in the area, but there are various Airbnb’s and small apartment options such as the very close Coco Nakameguro 201 and sister apartment Coco Nakameguro 301.  Alternatively, there is the very cheap hostel style Hotel Akimoto or clean and comfortable well positioned Dormy Inn Express Hotel, just across from the Starbucks Roastery.

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