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An overnight outdoor adventure that is “small and achievable, for normal people with real lives”.

We are excited to introduce a new life philosophy that is sweeping the world.

Perfect for the weekend or a midweek escape from the office. Microadventures are fun, exciting, challenging, refreshing and rewarding experiences designed for those who are busy, blocked, uninspired or stuck in front of a screen.

You don’t need camping or outdoor experience. Your Microadventure could be new experiences such as making a campfire dinner, sleeping under the stars, swimming in a river or lake, hiking under a full moon or simply finding a spot on the map and going there.

Go solo, take a friend or a loving hand to hold.  Bring the family. You won’t regret pushing the reset button on your busy life to do something fun and memorable that you can actually remember.

You will gain self-motivation and independence while learning from mistakes in a safe way.

Here are some themed environments where you can allow your Microadventure to flow while discovering growth opportunities all within 90 minutes drive of Tokyo.

This is just the beginning! We will be working on more ideas to share and we welcome your input so that together we can live a more fun-filled adventurous life.

Car parked by blue river

Aonohara Noro Lodge “BIGFOOT”

Sauna, Cold Water & Hot Bath Therapy

DAICHI silent river (google maps) | Website
Exclusive well managed nature retreat and campground burrowed in a secluded forest & fresh river setting.  With a shared philosophy to our own, it requires your curious nature to problem solve and create your own experience.  With an adult playground environment you will light your own fire, self manage the Sauna & Hot bath facilities.  Very clean public areas, toilets and open window hot showers.

Connect and socialize with the other members.  We like the Auto-Camp free space along the river for an extra sense of seclusion.

NOTE: Exclusive Booking Access.  Overland Campers Japan customers can reserve this camping experience at the time of booking request and we will handle the booking on your behalf.

Nightly camping and facility access is 30,000yen per night for maximum 4 people per vehicle.  Please specify which date you would like to book the Dacihi silent river experience.

River Experiences

Doshi Valley
A favorite of nature-lovers for its crystal clear waters, hiking trails, suspension bridges with diverse flora and fauna.  A perfect destination to recharge in spring, cool off in summer and feel romantic in Autumn.

There are campgrounds seemingly everywhere in Doshi, some in forrest settings (check forrest favorites) but most are along the river. Here are some of our favorite Riverside campgrounds;

Aonohara Noro Lodge (google maps) | Website | Instagram
Smaller well managed campground nestled along a river bend with clean well maintained facilities. The area called “bigfoot” is stunning and you can day camp there, or depending on weather and commercial shooting schedules, possibly stay overnight. Standard autocamping spots are set back about 40 meters away from the rivers edge. Ask them about the 30 minute hike to a nearby waterfall. Day camp/BBQ available

Bakansumura (google maps) | Website
We don’t know if we love or hate this campground. A large spread out space that has a mad-max post apocalyptic world theme. There are rusted out cars and rubbish being incinerated, but yet the water and natural environment is stunning.  Camp across the river away from the check in center and you find pure bliss. In summer months it has more of a party atmosphere with allot of tattoos and drinking going down. Day camp/BBQ available.

Konomasawa Camping Ground (google maps) | Website
A charming mid sized campground facility that was primarily used for school camps is relatively unknown as a new camping facility. Many options available and facilities are set back from the large river itself. There is a constructed waterfall in the corner to marvel.  Our favorite camp sites are #30 – #35 with site #36 being our pick.

Owata Campground (google maps) | Website
Small and breathtakingly stunning environment offering natural rock pools, various river depths and simple bridges to change your point of view.  Immersed in tall trees, the campground poetically hugs the river and forrest.  We like the camp sites in opposite corners away from the check in center.  The road leading to the campground is a little narrow and tight.

Akigawa Valley / Hinohara Village
Literally translated is “autumn river” Akigawa is a tranquil leafy gorge boasting a clear water river with inspired scenery offered each of the four seasons.  Activities to enjoy in the area include walking trials, fishing, hiking, onsens and temples.

The Jyurigi parking lot is an easy central place to park. From here, stop in and grab a hamburger or ice cream at Akigawa Base before you head over to the picturesque Akigawa gorge where you can cool off in the river, set up a BBQ picnic on the river bank near the Ishibune suspension bridge.

NOTE, it is possible to discreetly free camp overnight at the Jyugiri parking lot.

Kanotoen Camping Ground (google maps) | Website | Instagram
A very friendly calm and secluded campground in a forrest setting with a river running through.  You are able to fish for trout in the ponds.
We like the NO.2 camping area near the river.  Please no loud music. Day camp/BBQ available.

Just a short drive from Kanotoen is a beautiful local power spot called Kanoto Rock; a healing 10 minute climb through a stunning mini canyon.

For a tasty homemade curry, afternoon tea or jam & scone, there is the Hinohara Terrace Cafe, alternatively a we found a good local Ramen at Tachibanaya.

There are plenty hiking trials depending on your level and 13 promoted waterfalls to explore in the Hinohara area. Some of the waterfalls are more spectacular than others with Hossawa & Ryujin falls being the most popular.

Our favorite local onsen to relax in after a hike is Janoyu Onsen Takara-so.

man sitting by river

Bakansumura Campground

2 people sitting in front of river

Owata Campground “C-1”

Forrest Experiences

Doshi Valley
Tsubakiso Auto Camp Ground (google maps) | Website
Tastefully terraced campground in poetic forrest surroundings where a shallow creek runs through.  Camp sites are nicely spaced apart so you can feel a sense of solitude.  Good clean facilities, reasonably priced and stargazing on clear nights.

WOODSMAN Campground (google maps) | Website | Instagram
A recently opened modern and simple campground built by friendly Overlanding enthusiasts.  The camp sites are together on an open field backing onto the forrest offering good stargazing on clear nights.  The river is also accessible to cool off. Expect a chat from the manager and curiosity from the other Overlanders.

Nature Land Om (google maps) | Website
A superbly thought out, open tall forrest design that doesn’t feel like a campground.  It’s a free plan site design where each area has a unique personality. Some areas have streams to frolic, others hand made swings to sway and tracks to wander.  Amazing place for solo campers or to share silence.  It can be a little confusing as the check-in center is located about 500 meters down the mountain before you reach the campground near Woodsman campground.  Clean but basic facilities.  We didn’t even see a vending machine.

Doshinomori Camping Ground (google maps) | Website |
A very popular spacious Mecca of a campground that is designed to enhance the natural mountain environment.  There are no specific named sites, instead you explore and find a place that calls to your heart. Easy to get lost with the most popular sites along the river. A giant pool opens in Summer.  Lot’s of regulars and new faces come here creating a festive atmosphere.

Tiny Camp Village (google maps) | Website | Instagram
A small secluded forrest campground located in the outskirts of Atsugi. Large private sites, tall trees and a river runs through. Everything is handmade by the owner. There are only 5 sites and booking essential for weekends, best chance on weekdays.

A short drive away is Tree Cross Adventure; a zipline tree adventure park where you can glide through the woods conquering your fears. Courses for both adults and children with areas to relax in hammocks, swings and trampolines to frolic. Afterwards, the nearby Nanasawa Onsen; so you can cleanse your adrenaline.

tent in green forrest

Nature Land Om Campground

river in green forrest

Doshi no mori Campground

Unique Experiences

Skypark Moriyama Paragliding & Camping Ground (google maps) | Website | Campground
What first started as a paragliding school now also has a campground. You can experience solo paragliding and camp in the soft mountain heights.  Very low key, the friendly retired owners don’t want to be too busy (or stressed).  The facilities are good and the team are continually working on improving the space.

A 25 minute drive away is the Tamagawa Onsen; a Showa style retro onsen facility where you can step back in time to a by gone era. Segregated baths both inside and out with a hammock. There is also a restaurant that offers soba & udon noodles, Japanese curry and retro Showa lunch plates. From 880yen+ and is open until 10pm

paraglider with teacher

Skypark Moriyama Paragliding

4x4 Car with Roof Tent on Mountain

Skypark Moriyama Campground


Returning to Tokyo in the afternoon or evening, especially on Sundays or public holidays can take longer than expected due to traffic. Be sure to check traffic conditions as you go.

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