Japan Bucket List

Japan Bucket List
April 4, 2022 Luke Bridgford

Luke’s Ultimate Japan Bucket List

Need inspiration in planning your dream Japan road trip or just in need of a last minute place to camp?

Well, look to further. I am happy to share my Ultimate Japan Overland Camping Bucket List Map! And yeah, there are allot of places. I will be updating more itinerary pages over time with detailed locations, new places and activities I discover sharing my tips, comments and recommendations.

Japan is surprisingly large! Stretching over 3,000 km from top to bottom, being made up of 47 individual prefectures across 4 main islands.  Each region offers unique cultural attractions, history and diverse natural characteristics.

My map centers around interesting campgrounds, potential free camp spots, onsen hot springs, breathtaking natural wonders and cultural marvels all with a few places to eat in between.

There’s never been a better time to explore Japan by road… and I hope this map will help you plan your travels both in advance and on the go.

With literally 100’s of destinations I have yet to visit, please help me tick them off one by one! As always, please share your new findings so we can add them to the map for everyone to enjoy.


man holding map of japan using phone navigation system

Hokkaido – 北海道

Hokkaido Official Tourism Website | Instagram | YouTube | JNTO Website

Japan’s northern frontier island is the most unspoiled of Japan’s four main islands.  Perfect for nature-lovers. It’s famed for clean air, wilderness, natural hot springs, volcanoes, world class powder snow, delicious seafood and fascinating indigenous culture.

For the Overlander, Hokkaido would be best experienced in the mild Summer and Autumn months. Also, please NOTE, the Overland Camping cars can only travel to Hokkaido via a Ferry service.

Lake with Mountains at night with stars

Lake Shikotsu

man wearing ainu clothes with bow and arrow

An Indigenous “Ainu” from Hokkaido

Tohoku Region – 東北地方

Aomori Prefecture | Iwate Prefecture | Miyagi Prefecture | Akita Prefecture | Yamagata Prefecture | Fukushima Prefecture

Kanto Region – 関東地方

Tokyo Prefecture | Kanagawa Prefecture | Chiba Prefecture | Saitama Prefecture | Gunma Prefecture | Tochigi Prefecture | Ibaraki Prefecture

Chubu Region – 中部地方

Niigata Prefecture | Aichi Prefecture | Shizuoka Prefecture | Mie Prefecture | Yamanashi Prefecture | Nagano Prefecture | Gifu Prefecture | Toyama Prefecture | Ishikawa Prefecture | Fukui Prefecture

Kansai Region – 関西地方

Shiga Prefecture | Kyoto Prefecture | Wakayama Prefecture | Nara Prefecture | Osaka Prefecture | Hyogo Prefecture

Chugoku Region – 中国地方

Okayama Prefecture | Hiroshima Prefecture | Yamaguchi Prefecture | Tottori Prefecture | Shimane Prefecture

Shikoku Region – 四国地方

Kochi Prefecture | Ehime Prefecture | Kagawa Prefecture | Tokushima Prefecture

Kyushu Region – 九州地方

Fukuoka Prefecture | Saga Prefecture | Nagasaki Prefecture | Kumamoto Prefecture | Oita Prefecture | Miyazaki Prefecture | Kagoshima Prefecture

Okinawa – 沖縄

Japan Ferries

Route Information & Booking Resources
Japan-Guide Information Resource (website) | Direct Ferries (website) | Long Distance Ferry Association (website)

Japan offers an extensive network of ferry routes. Each of the four main islands (Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku) are connected via bridges &/or tunnels, however, many of the smaller islands can only be reached by ship.

Most ferries can transport Overland camping car vehicles. Some of the shorter routes are managed by small ships that only can carry a couple of cars and a few dozens of passengers. The large ferries can carry hundreds of vehicles and passengers often equipped with luxuries such as hot baths and restaurants.

The cost for taking a car onto a ferry varies and usually includes the fare for the driver but not for additional passengers. Advance reservations are recommended, but are not needed on routes with frequent departures.

The below map illustrates the major (not all) Ferry services around Japan.


Information on this page is for suggestive purposes.  All routes, availability, pricing and suitability is subject to each separate business managers discretion. All decisions should be researched and confirmed as the responsibility of the customer.

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