4月 21, 2021 Luke Bridgford

Our comprehensive insurance is automatically included with every rental camper you use.​  

When you pick up your vehicle, we will ask you to pay a deposit of 200,000 yen. The deposit will be fully refunded if the vehicle is returned by the scheduled return time without any accidents, breakdowns, or damage.

With this insurance, in the unlikely event that an accident covered by insurance occurs, the deductible amount (customer’s maximum out-of-pocket amount) will be 480,000 yen (220,000 yen if you subscribe to the optional compensation plan). We will charge you.

In that case, the 200,000 yen deposited as a security deposit will be deducted as part of the deductible amount.

This disclaimer applies per incident, not per rental period.


Comprehensive insurance includes:


1. Personal compensation (compensation for the other party in the accident)

Personal injury: unlimited

Property damage: unlimited


2. Personal injury compensation (compensation for those who have a contract)

Personal compensation, personal injury up to 30,000,000 yen


3. Vehicle compensation

Full coverage of car market value


4. Others

Road assistance service

Drive recorder/dash cam, drive agent personal(DAP)

Compensation for attorney’s fees up to 0,000 yen200


This insurance does not include:

* Attached camping equipment, rooftop tent and its inclusions

* Non-operation charge(NOC)

 Apart from the refundable disclaimer, if the vehicle requires repair or cleaning due to an accident, theft, breakdown, defacement, etc., we will charge the following amount as compensation for loss of use.

(a)If you drive yourself and return to the scheduled return location 250,000 yen (tax exempt)

(b)If you are unable to drive and are not returned to the scheduled return location, 4010,000 yen(tax exempt)